Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill

A series of images of Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill are two villages that are now joined together as one unit.

Kirkmuirhill Church steeple of Kirkmuirhill Church

Kirkmuirhill Church, Kirkmuirhill. 27th April, 2012

Work on Kirkmuirhill ChurchWork on Kirkmuirhill Church

Repairs to the steeple of Kirkmuirhill Church, Kirkmuirhill. 2nd May 2011

Former railway bridge Kirkmuirhill

Former railway bridge in Kirkmuirhill. 8th May 2015

Nether Birkwood Farm

Nether Birkwood Farm, Kirkmuirhill. 4th Nov 2016

Blackwood from Draffan Road

Blackwood from Draffan Road - the large Lairs estate at the Northern end of the village. 7th Aug 2019

Kirkmuirhill in 2017

Fast Food in Kirkmuirhill

A gallery of photos of Kirkmuirhill in 2017 including most of the important buildings

Blackwood in 2017

Blackwood Coop

A gallery of photos of Blackwood in 2017 from the Larkhall end to the approximate border with Kirkmuirhill

Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Annual Galas from 2010 onwards

Coronation Procession

Links to a series of galleries of images of Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Gala, especially the procession through the villages.

Photogalleries of streets in Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill

These galleries show images of particular streets in Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill:

Historic photos of Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill

These links are to the website of The Jim Hamilton Heritage Society of Coalburn and feature photos from the Jim Hamilton collection held by the Society.