Portfolio of Websites Developed

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Website for Atomic Spectrometry Updates

Atomic Spectrometry Updates are annual reviews written by a community of scientists, experts in their field. Six authoritative, critical and comprehensive reviews of the major fundamental and applied areas of analytical atomic spectrometry are published in Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. The aim with this website has been to improve a design made by another organisation to be more usable and to increase and update the content of the site. The site includes programming in PHP and Javascript. Initial development finished in June 2005; the site went live at www.asureviews.org in July 2005, but this is a continuing project with regular updates and further developments. Revised September 2006 to a new layout using CSS positioning. This site is regularly updated.

In August 2015, the site was converted to a responsive design to allow use on mobile phones and tablets.

Following a decline in health, from July 2016 I am winding down my involvement in maintaining this website.

Screenshot of website of Jim Hamilton Heritage Society of Coalburn

The Jim Hamilton Heritage Society of Coalburn was founded in 2004 and is dedicated to archiving and exploring the history of Coalburn, a former mining village in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. It has regular meetings and has an extensive archive of material, mainly collected by the late Jim Hamilton.

The website is based on a design by John Zawadzki, the Society's Heritage Worker, and first went live on the 23rd January 2008. The website underwent further development and was completed in April 2008. The site is regularly updated.

In July 2015, the site was converted to a responsive design to allow use on mobile phones and tablets.

Lesmahagow Farmers' Society website

Lesmahagow Farmers' Society produces the Lesmahagow Annual Show which is a long established and well supported event. The aim of the show is to present the skills of the local people both in agriculture through livestock showing, sheep shearing, sheep dog trials but also in crafts, home baking, etc. The show is very committed to involving all villagers of Lesmahagow and surrounding areas, especially children, by incorporating many fun but also educational activities for the youngsters.

The website includes details of the Show, a history of the Society and a photogallery taken at previous shows. The website went live in April 2009.

In September 2015, the site was converted to a responsive design to allow use on mobile phones and tablets.

Following a decline in health, from July 2016 I have stood down from maintaining this website.

Clydesdale International and Shires Today

The Clydesdale International and Shires Today is a quarterly magazine for Clydesdale and Shire Horse breeders, exhibitors and enthusiasts worldwide. It is edited and published by John Zawadazki of Lesmahagow, Scotland. The website provides contact details, contents of the current issue and links to websites of interest to enthusiasts of these gentle giants.

The website was transferred from its previous location at www.clydehorses.co.uk to www.clydeshire.co.uk in February 2011, at which time the site was improved. Links to the magazine's Facebook and Flickr pages were incorporated. Updated September 2011 to allow payment of subscriptions by credit card/debit card through Paypal. In June 2015, the site was converted to a responsive design to allow use on mobile phones and tablets.

This website is now on hold following the serious illness of John Zawadzki.

Lesmahagow and Coalburn Parish Churches

A website for the twinned congregations of Coalburn Parish Church and Lesmahagow Old Parish Church. It gives details of their aims and worship, the activities for all age groups and how to contact them. The site went live on the 22nd September 2013.

It replaces a previous website and was particularly set up to provide information for prospective ministers as the churches have been without a minister for some time.

R.M.Boyd website

A website for Robert M. Boyd, Joiners and Builders, of Coalburn. It features a photogallery of some of the impressive results they have achieved in wood. This gallery works with Slimbox, a lightweight Visual Lightbox clone. The site went live in December 2013.

Their previous website ran into problems when the previous designers went out of business and were uncontactable leaving Boyds with no access to their website or webspace. The hosting company would not release details of accessing the control panel.

Fortunately, it was possible to transfer their domain to Calico and a new website was uploaded to their webspace on Calico. They now have details of access to their webspace so they can pass them on if it proves necessary.