Auchlochan Garden Village is between Lesmahagow and Coalburn in South Lanarkshire. It is based on a former country house, Auchlochan House then owned by the Douglas family, which had an estate and farm. It was converted into a care home in 1974 and extended. This was later taken over by MHA in 2009 who developed it further as a retirement village with more care facilities.

The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained. The lochans support wildlife including coots, swans, geese and black-headed gulls and the grounds with their mature trees and bushes provide cover for birds and rabbits.

The Estate

the Courtyard at Auchlochan

The Reception Courtyard at Auchlochan

Restaurant Building at Auchlochan

Building holding the Bistro at Auchlochan

Mature trees at Auchlochan

Tall tree at Auchlochan

Mature trees at Auchlochan




Flowers around boat quay

Autumn at Auchlochan

Views across the lochans

Above photos taken on the 11th Sept 2014.

Auchlochan House

MHA decided that the cost of refurbishment and upkeep of Auchlochan House was not economically justifiable and so it was demolished in 2014.

Auchlochan House during demolition

13th May 2014. House after being stripped internally

Auchlochan House Roofline

Roofline of the house. 13th May 2014

After demolition of Auchlochan House

10th June. After demolition.

Wildlife at Auchlochan

Geese at Auchlochan

Greylag geese. 13th May 2014.


Chaffinch. 13th May 2014

Coot family

Coot family. 13th May 2014

Swan family

Swan family. 27th May 2014

Swans in formation

Swans in formation

Swans in formation. 12th June 2014


Young rabbit. 13th May 2014

Canada geese with goslings

Canada geese with goslings

Canada geese with goslings. Date of pics: 12th May 2015

Greylag geese

Greylag geese. 12th May 2015

Swan on nest

Swan on nest. 12th May 2015

Swan with only cygnet

Unfortunately, the nesting only produced one cygnet, but the mother is proud of it. 21st May 2015.

Black-headed gull

Black-headed Gull. 2nd June 2015

Tufted duck

Tufted Duck. 2nd June 2015

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