Crossford, South Lanarkshire

Crossford is in the Clyde Valley on the A72 road between Lanark and Hamilton. As the name suggests, this is a crossing point for the Clyde and a bridge takes traffic from Crossford to Braidwood.

Crossford Bridge and the Clyde

Crossford Bridge

Crossford Bridge from the Clyde Walkway. 10th June 2013

Across the Bridge

Looking across the bridge towards the village. 10th June 2013

Looking down river

Looking down the Clyde from the bridge. 10th June 2013

View across Clyde

View across Clyde from Clyde Walkway. 10th June 2013

View up Clyde

Looking up the Clyde from the bridge. 27th June 2016

View towards bridge

Looking towards the bridge from the South with flats. 27th June 2016

Crossford Village

Crossford Post Office

Crossford Post Office. 27th June 2016

Crossford War Memorial

Crossford War Memorial. 27th June 2016

Crossford Inn

Crossford Inn. 27th June 2016. Up for sale. Many of the old Inns along the Clyde Valley struggle to survive and hence often changs hands. Hovever, garden centres along the Clyde Valley offering coffee, cakes and meals are thriving mainly supported by senior citizens. 27th June 2016


Lanark Road, Crossford. 27th June 2016


Old houses in Lanark Road, Crossford. 27th June 2016


A rather grand villa in Crossford. 27th June 2016

Tillietudlem Inn, Crossford

Tillietudlem Inn, Crossford

The Tillietudlem Inn, Crossford - now an Indian restaurant. 1st August 2016

The River Nethan at Crossford

The River Nethan at Crossford. 1st August 2016

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