About DJH Web

Dr David Halls

DJH Web is the website of Dr David Halls, who until 2003 was Deputy Director of the Trace Element and Micronutrient Unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland. Trained as an analytical chemist, he developed methods using atomic spectrometry for the determination of trace elements in clinical samples. Faced with an increasing sample workload, he became interested in developing faster analytical methods and computer programmes to handle the data generated. He started programming in various dialects of Basic to interact with the instruments and to generate reports. From this developed an interest in using a combination of HTML pages and VBScript to produce standalone programmes. He also started a website for the Unit, which went through several changes of style as it grew.

Since retiring from the National Health Service, he has been producing websites for other organisations, initially for other NHS laboratories. Since travel became difficult because of health reasons, he has concentrated on websites for local voluntary organisations and on photographing the area around Lesmahagow.