Andershaw and Middle Muir Wind Farms, South Lanarkshire

Andershaw and Middle Muir Wind Farms

Andershaw and Middle Muir Windfarms. View from the slopes of Mosscastle Hill. Photograph by Richard Webb, 18 May, 2021.
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Andershaw and Middle Muir Windfarms are located between Douglas and Crawfordjohn in South Lanarkshire. Access is by two entry points on the B7078.

Andershaw Windfarm

The wind farm developed by Statkraft has been operational since 2017. The project consists of 11 turbines and has a total capacity of 36.3 MW, the equivalent of powering approximately 32,000 homes with renewable energy. It is next to Middle Muir windfarm.

Andershaw Wind Farm provides a community benefit fund worth £90,750 per year. The projects that receive funding focus on community improving activities such as upgrading infrastructure, securing sustainable development and implementing training, or advancing education.

In September 2021, Statkraft sold Andershaw Wind Farm to Greencoat UK Wind for £120m, including cash and working capital.However, Statkraft will continue day-to-day operation and maintenance, as well as asset management responsibilities, until 2037.

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Middle Muir Windfarm

Entrance to Middle Muir Windfarm

Entrance to Middle Muir Windfarm on the B7078 with the wind turbines behind. From Google Street View, August,2021

Middle Muir is a 51MW onshore wind power project developed and run by Banks Renewables It is located near Crawfordjohn, South Lanarkshire,Scotland. The project is currently active. It has been developed in a single phase. It has 15 turbines each capable of 3.4 MW. Following completion of construction from 2017 to December 2018, the project became fully operational in 2019.

The windfarm has been connected by SP Energy Networks into Coalburn Substation which is located to the south of Lesmahagow. The 13 km connection route consists of underground cabling which follows the B7078 south from Coalburn Substation, turning right on the A70 (Ayr Road) and then left back onto the B7078 before cutting off further south near to the windfarm itself.

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West Andershaw Wind Farm

The proposal for West Andershaw Wind Farm, an extension to the west of the existing operational site of Andershaw Wind Farm, in South Lanarkshire was introduced in May 2021, when a Scoping Request was submitted to the Scottish Government to consider the potential for an extension of up to an additional 11 turbines with a tip height of up to 250 metre and an installed capacity of over 50 Megawatt, next to the operational site.,

The size of the extension project will be determined through ongoing environmental studies and consultation with communities during 2021. The first online exhibition was held between 9 August - 27 August 2021

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