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Articles on web design and programming

This website has a collection of articles which is of interest to website designers and programmers. Aspects of web design and programming are discussed to show some outline principles and ideas. A larger number of articles show how, using Internet Explorer, HTML and VBScript, stand-alone programs can be developed that rival those produced with Visual Basic.

Examples of websites I have developed are shown on a separate page. I am currently mainly supporting existing clients and not able to undertake new commissions.

Photo gallery

Queens Court on way to procession

2016 Lesmahagow Highland Games. Highland Chieftain Mary Faulds leading Tartan Queen Rowan and her court to the Coronation. 18th June 2016.

Lastly, there is a gallery of photographs, some of which have been used on the front page of this website and a series of photoarticles on Engineering in Scotland.

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