Abbeygreen, Lesmahagow

Including Old Brae, Church Square and Bakers Brae

Abbeygreen is probably the most important road in lesmahagow and is its "main street" containing shops, banks, churches and a public hall. At the south, it begins at Turholm Bridge until its junction in the North at School Road. The road there contines straight on as "Milton".

This series of photos starts at the south end at Turfholm Bridge and continues North.



Two views of the Turfholm Bridge end of Abbeygreen Road. Date: 7th February 2014. The second includes the local bus (Colin's bus) run by the Rural Development Trust.


Buildings at the end of Abbeygreen. Date: 9th May 2015


Hope Hall taken from Old Brae on the 8th May 2014. This old building was the headquarters and Lesmahagow Branch of the Coalburn District Co-operative Society in the early part of the 20th Century.

Masonic Hall, Abbeygreen

Masonic Hall, Abbeygreen (home of Lodge St. John No. 20). Date: 8th May 2014

Masonic Hall, Abbeygreen

X50 Glespin bus passing the Masonic Hall. Date: 9th June 2017

Old Brae

Old Brae. Date: 8th May 2014

Old Brae

Looking down Old Brae. Date of photo: 13th Feb 2017

Masonic Hall, Abbeygreen

The central section of Abbeygreen. Date: 18th Oct 2017

Black Bull, Abbeygreen

The Black Bull public house. The entrance is down an alley between the two buildings on the right in the photo above. Date: 18th Oct 2017

Kenny Bell's Barbers, Abbeygreen

Kenny Bell's Barbers. When this photo was taken, Kenny had recently retired and the Barbers was closed. Date: 19th April 2015

Ladbrokes Lesmahagow

Ladbrokes Bookies. Date: 24th May 2018

Bankhouse Care Home

MHA Bankhouse Care Home. Formerly a bank, originally the British Linen Bank abd latterly the Bank of Scotland until it moved into new premises adjacent to the Fountain. Date: 18th Oct 2017

Bankhouse Care Home

Another view of Bankhouse Care Home. Date: 24th May 2018

View down central section

View down central section from Bankhouse Care Home. Date: 24th May 2018

Lesmahagow Development Trust

In June 2017, Lesmahagow Development Trust opened 56, Abbeygreen as its new offices and community centre. This building was formerly occupied by the Royal Voluntary Service. Date of photo: 9th July 2017

Church Square

Church Square with Lesmahagow Old Church. Craignethan Apartments (former hotel) are on the left and the Nisa store and Post Office on the right. . Date of photo: 11th June 2018, shortly before the Highland Games, hence the bunting.

Convenience Store and Post Office

Ali and Sons Convenience Store and Lesmagahow Post Office. Date: 24th July 2018

Craignethan Apartments

Craignethan Apartments, formerly the Graignethan Hotel. Date: 26th Oct 2017

Lesmahagow Library

Lesmahagow Library. Date: 18th Oct 2017

Lesmahagow Resource Centre

Modern block on the corner of Abbeygreen and Baker's Brae. The ground floor is Lesmahagow Resource Centre. Date: 24th May 2018

Bakers Brae

Baker's Brae looking down from New Trows Road. The modern block on the left contains flats and the Resource Centre at the bottom. Sneddons Bakers can be seen at the foot of the brae. The back of the library can be seen on the right. Date: 26th Nov 2017

Sneddons Bakery

Sneddons Bakery. Date: 26th Oct 2017

Rollo's Fish and Chips

Rollo's Fish and Chips. Date: 24th July 2018

Spar and Subway Lesmahagow

Spar and Subway Lesmahagow. Date: 24th May 2018

Masons Arms

Masons Arms. Despite the sign, no longer a hotel, just a pub. Date: 26th Oct 2017

Boots Lesmahagow

Boots Lesmahagow. Date: 26th Oct 2017

Abbeygreen Pharmacy Lesmahagow

The finishing touches being installed at Abbeygreen Pharmacy that opened in November 2017. Date: 26th Oct 2017

Abbeygreen Lesmahagow

Looking back along the shops in Abbeygreen from the Fountain. Date: 18h April 2015

Abbeygreen Lesmahagow

The main street with the Fountain in the foreground. Date: 18h April 2015

Pepes Fish and Pizza Bar, Lesmahagow

Pepes Fish and Pizza Bar, Lesmahagow at the junction of Abbeygreen and New Trows Road. 24th July 2018.

Floral display near the Fountain

Floral display near the Fountain. 24th July 2018.


Some of the buildings shown opposite the Fountain in the previous photo were demolished in April 2020 under the 2020 lockdown during the Coronavirus epidemic. I could not get down to photograph the demolition but this photo was taken afterwards. 20th May 2020.

The Fountain Lesmahagow

The Fountain, Lesmahagow. 15th April, 2012. The junction of New Trows Road with Abbeygreen with the cast-iron Fountain. The building opposite is also called The Fountain, orginally thr Parish Church Hall bur rebuilt togaether with a new branch for the Bank of Scotland (pn the left). The building was first used as a restaurant but, after the restaurant closed, it was bought by the Council to convert into a public hall to replace the Jubilee Hall.

Bank of Scotland, Lesmahagow

Bank of Scotland, Lesmahagow from Bloomfield Road. 19th Aug 2014.

Royal Bank  of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland Lesmahagow Branch. Following closure of many rural branches in 2018, RBS closed this branch on the 19th June 2018 and provided the viilage with a once a week mobile bank facility. Date: 16th May 2015

Royal Bank  of Scotland

The closed RBS Branch, without cash machine, signs and internal content. Date: 14th July 2018

Abbeygreen Church and Manse

Abbeygreen Church and Manse. Date: 16th May 2015

Abbeygreen in spring blossom

Abbeygreen in spring blossom. Date: 16th May 2015

Abbeygreen in spring blossom

The end of Abbeygreen - the houses beyond the Glebe playing fields. Date: 26th Feb 2018

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